slika distancera naslaganih u magacinu

Makspalst is higly specialized for plactic spacers manufacturing for the all armature (metal framework) nets profiles.

The result of the constant improvement, monitoring of technological achievements and the experience that has been acquired for 25 years is the permanent cooperation with reputable construction companies in our region. Thanks to these companies as the leader planners, which suggestions we have been adopted, we designed and produced spacers who brings us the privilege that on basis of our calculated spacer’s statics of leading projects. We are grateful to them for that!

slika distancera postavljenih na betonu ispod mreže armature

Maksplast has a stabile stock, fast delivery to the recostruction area and flexible negotiation menagment. Our experience allows us to consult our clients how to use new materials and the technique so that the buyer realize how to save up through collaboration with us using new and modern technologies to speed up the work and to reduce the required number of workers for the work realization.

Founder of our company, Mr. Steva Maksimović is trying, since the beginning, to keep the motto "Quality not the quantity" as many customers recognized and rewarded with permanent collaboration with our company.