• Horizontal spacers

    continuous, ultracontinuous, crosstype, footlike, pipelike spacers...

  • Vertical spacers

    Round, froglike, ultramaks...

  • Formwork accessories

    Juvidur pipes, juvidur pipes downlights, PVC plugs, armature protectors...

  • Plumbing supplies

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  • Dedicated construction materials

    All types of the armature (metal framework) spacers.


Correct positions, which are planned by the project, armature (metal framework) position in concrete reinforcement elements and constructions, is one of the crucial importance for the permanent and safe service provision which is intended with concrete element.

If is the armature (metal framework) set position in concrete construction doesn’t fit the project by which this position is determined cannot be reckoned that concrete element will have project characteristics but they will always be reduced higher or lower rate.

Decades of experience in civil engineering, dealing with concrete, brought to apsolute confirmed facts about samples which are responsible for too early concrete aging. As the most common cause of the damages are indicated by proctected layer causing concrete armature (metal framework) oxidization and losing necessary characteristics of firmness and flexion.

The most effective way that the protective layer keeps dimension projected is setting the spacer. Thanks to them, even they are the worst conditions in the reconstruction areas, there will not occur minor irregularities in a perspective threatened by whole concrete construction. Concrete spaceres are essential part for the staging of the whole armature work both in industrial and individual construction. Maksplast Company’s offer includes all the elements without who the concrete reinforcement couldn’t be imaginable. The work becomes with them easier, faster and incomparably with more quality. This company’s range of products is such that all who are in reinforcement business, construction of the concrete structures and pouring finished prefabricated elements, they can find here all that they need so they can get the job done in the most economical and safest way.


ikona horizontalnih distancera


Armature (metal framework) net spacers, bars and overstretched cable.
Continuous and single spacers.

ikona vertikalnih distancera


Wall spacers for the armature (metal framework) nets and bars.

ikona oplatnog pribora


Ribbed armatures (metal framework) protectors: juvidur pipes, conuses, forks.

ikona vodovodnog materijala


Cross spacers for ceramic tiles installation.


Correct positions which is planned by the project in the concrete reinforcment elements and constructions is one of the crucial importance for quality construction works.

Common construction problem presents damaging of the protective concrete layer causing concrete armature (metal framework) oxidization and losing projected firmness and flexion characteristic.

Spacers are the most effective way that the protective concrete layer keeps projected dimension and they are integral part of the industrial and inidividual construction.