slika distancera montiranih oko armature na gradjevini


Spacers in construction

A spacer or reinforcement support is a building element that can be made of plastic, concrete or metal. The choice of material itself depends on the requirements foreseen by the project regarding the characteristics of reinforced concrete. Spacers must be used during the construction of all buildings, regardless of their purpose (residential, industrial, sports, etc.).

Spacer function

Spacers should maintain the distance of reinforcement in reinforced concrete elements before and during concreting in order to maintain the prescribed thickness of the concrete protective layer. By using properly selected spacers, there will be no small inaccuracies that could threaten the entire concrete structure in the long run.

The correct (predicted by the project) position of reinforcement in reinforced concrete elements and structures is of crucial importance for the permanent and safe performance of the role intended for the concrete element. The use of spacers provided by the project ensures that the reinforcement is properly placed in the concrete, protected by a layer of concrete from external influences. The reinforcement installed in this way will enable the concrete element to fulfill all the design characteristics that have been set and to fully perform the role for which it was intended, permanently and safely.


ikona horizontalnih distancera

Armature (metal framework) net spacers, bars and overstretched cable.
Continuous and single spacers.

ikona vertikalnih distancera

Wall spacers for the armature (metal framework) nets and bars.

ikona oplatnog pribora

Ribbed armatures (metal framework) protectors: juvidur pipes, conuses, forks.

ikona vodovodnog materijala

Cross spacers for ceramic tiles installation.

Reasons for mandatory use of spacers

Without spacers, concrete elements cannot be properly reinforced. Spacers for concrete are therefore a necessary integral part when performing all reinforcement works, both in industrial and individual construction.

If the position of the placed reinforcement in the concrete structure does not correspond to the project according to which that position was determined, it cannot be counted on that the concrete element will have the designed characteristics, but they will always, to a greater or lesser extent, be reduced.

According to decades of experience of the construction industry in working with concrete, we have come to confirmed facts about the causes responsible for premature aging of concrete. Damage to the protective layer of concrete is the main culprit, because this damage most often leads to oxidation of the reinforcement in the concrete and loss of the designed necessary characteristics of strength and bending.

All participants in the construction of construction facilities (supervisory authorities, architects, project bureaus, contractors and investors) are obliged to strictly adhere to the obligations and standards prescribed by law, and this includes, among other things, the correct selection of spacers, pads or supports for reinforcement and reinforcing mesh. . Spacers are a very small expense during construction that should not be skimped on because the consequences can be catastrophic.

Maksplast spacers

The offer of the MAKSPLAST company includes a selection of the most commonly used types of spacers, without which concrete reinforcement cannot be imagined, and with them the work becomes easier, faster and of incomparably better quality. The range of products of this company is such that everyone who is in the business of reinforcement, construction of concrete structures and casting of finished prefabricated elements can find here the necessary material to complete the work in the most economical and safest way. All our spacers have openings on the top and sides, which allows for an unhindered flow of concrete during casting.

Our rich offer consists of horizontal spacers (continuous and individual), vertical spacers (often called wall spacers, intended for reinforcing mesh and reinforcing bars) and formwork accessories. For the largest part of the production program, at the Institute for Materials and Structures, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, we conducted tests and attached the certificates on the page About us. The Institute for Materials and Constructions also prepared a report on the testing of our spacers for the purposes of static calculations, which we also have attached on the above page.

The advantage of using spacers is quick and simple installation on the construction site. They have a high load capacity and what is very important, they provide stability when walking on the reinforcing mesh. Our practical packaging contributes to your efficiency and cleanliness of the construction site.

The advantage of cooperation with Maksplast is that we have been in this business for more than three decades, that we have a permanent stock of spacers ready for delivery, and that fulfilling our contractual obligations is a business rule.

Plumbing material

In addition to spacers for reinforcement, Maksplast also produces cross-shaped spacers for laying ceramic tiles. We offer spacers with a thickness of 2, 3 and 5 millimeters. We pack them in the amount of 1000 pieces per package.

slika distancera montiranih oko armature na gradjevini


The correct position of reinforcement in reinforced concrete elements and constructions, foreseen by the project, is of crucial importance for the quality performance of construction works.

A common problem in construction is damage to the protective layer of concrete, which results in oxidation of the reinforcement in the concrete, which can lead to the loss of the designed characteristics of the reinforced concrete.

Spacers are the most effective way for the protective layer of concrete to maintain the projected dimensions and are an integral part of both industrial and individual constructions.